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Idaho Republican Platform

The Idaho Republican Platform, as set out in 2012 at the Idaho State Republican Convention, should be supported wholeheartedly and the principles should be actively pursued as an end in themselves.

Right to Life

By definition, our posterity requires that we protect the innocent. Abortion is NOT a form of birth control and, like any other murder, should be a crime.


The moment an illegal immigrant hits the system, be it the hospital, a traffic stop, or a schoolhouse, that person should be deported. Since we cannot now trust the Federal Government to protect the rights of its citizens, Idaho must act without Federal assistance. 

Private Property

Without private ownership and personal control of property, there is no security in one’s person. Private property is an essential part of the Liberty acknowledged as God given and self-evident in our Declaration of Independence.

The 2nd Amendment

Our gun rights are not negotiable. Idahoans must defend our right to keep and bear arms.


I support parents’ choice in educating their children by Home School, Private School, or Public School. I support new efforts such as a Tax Credit Scholarship Program allowing donors a tax credit for contribution to a scholarship fund. Citizens should not be forced by financial considerations to put their children in Public Schools.

Public Schools

The institution of public schools holds an important place in educating the secular in our society. Public schools have chosen to excluded the Bible, Prayer, and even the Ten Commandments. This, by definition, has created a godless institution by which our culture suffers. Additionally, taxpayers are now asked almost yearly to increase funding. School districts should be mindful that taxpayers cannot afford unlimited school budgets.

Natural Resources

Idaho is unable to tap its abundant natural resources to a large extent because the Federal Government controls nearly two-thirds of the land within Idaho’s borders. Idaho must actively work to restore control of the water, forests, and mines to its citizens. There must be disentanglement with over burdensome regulations to allow Idaho citizens the use of the lands, including roadways, within the State of Idaho.


I oppose ANY increase in taxation at every level. This includes fee increases to support regulatory agencies, and increases in fines. Since Government Bureaucracies naturally tend to expand, it is obvious that their budgets must necessarily expand as well. Some have said to “starve the beast,” which may sound excessive, but is a natural response to runaway governmental bureaucracies on all levels. Limited government requires limited taxation. I pledge to vote against increasing taxes or our tax burden.

Government Growth

Everywhere we turn there are people in need. This rationale is used by government to increase its reach in every way imaginable. Government crowds out and regulates away those private establishments that would be of great help in time of need. Setting aside for a moment that government has acted without any concern for its constitutional restraints, the government must recognize that there are financial restraints to its growth and budget accordingly.

Separation of Church & State

This term is widely used to keep any mention of the Creator, His work in our lives, and the importance of His blessings, from public discourse. Establishing a State Church is unconstitutional. Acknowledging the God of the Bible, Creator of the universe is not. These two concepts are purposely confused by proponents of the Nanny State.

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